Nov 6, 2011

1st Stop, Bay Area!

A lot of people at training were returning to their home studio to teach there.  Since I had practiced only in Thailand, I didn’t have that. So I just emailed Bay Area studios while I was at training and got myself in at Bikram Yoga Fremont, and Bikram Yoga Walnut Creek.  It was so weird to teach my first class because I had never said more than one posture out loud in a row.  I actually taught my parents and friends a few classes at home, which really saved me.  I taught my first real class at Fremont and I didn’t tell anyone it was my first class.  They didn’t really know the difference!

The Bay Area is probably denser with Bikram Yoga studios than anywhere else.  I like to practice at different studios and get to know my entire community.  I have found that many teachers teach at a few studios and all the yogis in the area are connected.  It felt good to be part of that.  I really loved getting to know two entirely different yoga studios and groups of students.  I continue to study and ask questions and am really trying to be the teacher that would love to take class from.  I practice everyday as well.  Some of us get together once a week at Bikram Yoga Pleasanton to practice the advanced Bikram series, which is a really great time to improve postures since it is a more casual class of just teachers. 

As you know, I am still on a mission to see the whole world, so I decided to be a traveling teacher for a while.  I will see this yoga family again soon though!

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